End-users can choose instance list columns to be displayed

End-users can choose which columns are to be displayed in instance lists allowing them even more control over how their applications appear.


Use the choice icon at the top right of the instance list.

When the instance list is displayed by VF_UM040 (simple display) at least once column must be displayed.


When the instance list is displayed by VF_UM041O (advanced display) VisualID1 and 2 are always displayed.

Additionally changes to the fields to be displayed may leave white spaces in the list until it is cleared and rebuilt. 


The choice is initiated by the right mouse menu option Choose Fields / Columns.

To choose the columns in an over-under or side-by-side child list, position the mouse over the child list before clicking the right mouse button.    

The visual identifier 1 column must always be displayed - this stops users from removing all columns from this displayed list.