Change Password IIP

Note that this option applies to VLF-WIN only.

However, VLF-ONE also supports password changing. Refer to the shipped UF_OLOGON example to see how to implement password change logic in VLF-ONE. Also refer to the shipped default startup page UF_OEXEC or your own customized page, and read the comments in the source code, in particular the Passwordchangerid parameter.

The Change Password IIP option specifies the shipped Change Password Imbedded Interface Point (IIP) which handles requests to change a user's remote serveri password.

The default function is named UFU0006 in process UF_SYSBR. It is shipped with source code. Read the comments in the source code to learn how to use it.

Note: the nominated function MUST be RDMLX enabled because this feature is only supported by RDMLX.

For more information see Imbedded Interface Points (IIPs).

This property is in the Framework User Administration Settings tab.