Report on Users - Imbedded Interface Point (Id)

May be used in VLF-WIN to report on VLF-ONE users. 

This is the name of a reusable part that is executed when the Administrator presses the User Authorities Report File button in the User Details tab (accessed using the Users option of the Administration menu).

The specified reusable part requests the reporting options from the administrator, and then produces a report.

The report could be in the form of a .csv file, or it could be written out to a database. It is entirely up to the programmer to choose:

If the property is left blank, the standard report program is used, which outputs a .csv file (which can be read by excel.)

This feature is intended for developers who do not want to use the standard report program, because they want  different report content/structure/summaries, or have exceedingly large volumes of user/authority data, or want to output the report data in a different form (e.g. to a local database).

See the source of the shipped example component UF_REPUS for a working example of a component like this.

Note the ancestor of the component must be VF_AC022.

It is suggested that developers start by comparing this example program with its output, and then make a copy and modify their program to get the results they want.

This property is in the Framework User Administration Settings tab.