Change a visual style at run time

If you need a visual style to change at run time, you can swap in a new style or styles from any command handler, filter, or snap-in instance list using this logic:


#avFrameworkManager.avSubstituteVisualStyle Ustyle(#MYSTYLE_A) Uasname('VF_VS106')

#avFrameworkManager.avSubstituteVisualStyle Ustyle(#MYSTYLE_B) Uasname('VF_VS101') Usignalchanged(True)


Where uStyle(#MYSTYLE_A) is a visual style that you have defined in the repository, and 'VF_VS106' is one of the styles currently being used by the Framework.

If uSignalChanged is true the Framework will apply the changes and the replacement styles will be visible.

Method avSubstituteVisualStyle Parameters




Mandatory. The new style to be used


Optional. The caption for the style (Default is the style name)


Optional. The suffix to be attached to the caption (Default is blank)


Optional. The name of the visual style to be replaced (Default is the name of the new style)


Optional. Signal the VLF to apply the changes. (Default is false)