Unicode Data in Code Tables

VLF-ONE does not support code tables.

Unicode data can also be used in code tables if a reusable part data handler is used. Set the data type of the table column to 'U' in the Code Table definition tab of the Design Code Tables form.

A default reusable part table data handler, UF_TDH01 is shipped with the Framework. If UF_TDH01 is used as a table's data handler, data will be written and read from the shipped code tables FPTAB (main data table) and FPTABU (Unicode value table). Custom Reusable part data handlers can also be created and used with code tables.

If a custom data handler reusable part is created, it must extend VF_AC024, the Table Data Handler ancestor class, and redefine the methods included in the ancestor class. The default behavior can be optionally included by calling the ancestor methods in the redefined methods first. See comments in UF_TDH01 for more details.