VLF-WIN – Tour the Shipped Demonstration

VLF-WIN implements your VLF design model as a Windows Rich Client application.

Start your VL-IDE and logon.

Switch to the Tools tab and select this option:


You will see a window like this:

It shows what a human resources application could look like when implemented in the Framework.

Its aim is to highlight how you can use the Framework to:

The various business objects and commands they contain use quite different styles. They are designed to demonstrate some of the many techniques you can use with the Visual LANSA Framework product:

Later on you may want to look at the code of the demonstration application. The parts of the demonstration application are shipped in components starting with the prefix DF_*.

The demo is HR system for a mythical software engineering company ACME.  It uses these LANSA demonstration database tables. The application itself presents two main views of the information contained in these tables. One view is by the structure of the Organizations that define the ACME Company, and the other is by the Resources that work for ACME.