Handling Instance List Entries in VLF-ONE

In VLF-ONE applications you update an instance list entry directly.

A VLF-ONE instance list entry (aka: item) is a class #VF_LM003O object.

These are the most common properties of #VF_LM003O that you use in your code:

avVisualID1 and avVisualID2

The two visual identifiers

avAKey1 -> avAKey5

Alpha keys 1 through 5 (you can't update these)

avNKey1 -> avNKey5

Numeric keys 1 through 5 (you can't update these)

avAColumn1 -> avAColumn10

Alpha columns 1 through 10

avNColumn1 -> avNColumn10

Numeric columns 1 through 10

avDColumn1 -> avDColumn5

Date columns 1 through 5

avIColumn1 -> avIColumn3

Image columns 1 through 3

In your code #avListManager.CurrentInstance is always a reference to the current instance list item.

So this is how to find the current instance in an instance list ……..

If (#avListManager.CurrentInstance *Is *null)

#Sys_web.Alert Caption('There is no current item')


#Sys_web.Alert Caption('Current item is ' + #avListManager.CurrentInstance.avVisualID1)


Note Carefully: Never keep list item references in your own code because your application will leak.

Note that VLF-ONE also supports the concept of Associated Instances.