Using VLF-ONE Instance List Browser VF_UM040O

When an instance list is simple the default instance list browser is VF_UM040O.

You can specify the name VF_UM040O on the business object's Instance List tab, but generally it will correctly default for a simple instance list.

This is an example of a VF_UM040O displayed instance list:

Page-at-a-Time Instance List VF_UM044O

If you use very large simple instance lists, you might consider using VF_UM044O instead.

VF_UM044O is very like VF_UM040O except that it presents data in a page at a time format. Using page at a time display technique may reduce the amount of browser resources required to display an instance list.

To use VF_UM044O specify it as the snap in instance list browser:

You can tell that it is working because it displays a pagination control area above the instance list:

VF_UM044O is designed to work in conjunction with the quick search field above it because this allows users to quickly locate items in very large lists.

The default page size is 40. You can change the page size at any time by using this type of operation:


(#AVLISTMANAGER.InstanceListBrowser *As #Vf_um044O).avPageSize := 100