Making your own VLF-ONE Instance List Browser

You can make your own version of the shipped VF_UM040O, F_UM044O and VF_UM041O instance list browser.

You might like to do that for two reasons:

To understand how to create your own instance list browser use Example Applications -> Advanced -> Snap In Instance List

The filter is DF_T41F1O. The snap-in instance list (circled in red) is DF_T41I1O.                

Note:  If you create your own instance list browser or browser panel, you may need to also produce your own version of built-in-browsers features such as column visibility toggling, column reordering, item sorting, list searching, conversion to CSV data, etc. Whether you do need to do this depends on whether that feature is relevant to the way that your instance list data is visualized.  In addition, future enhancements to the built-in browsers may not be automatically available in your custom version.