VLF-WIN can handle Unicode data for certain parameters in certain methods.

For example, all the methods for reading and writing data to/from the instance list can handle Unicode data for the Visual Identifiers and AColumns.

The general rules are:

Writing Data

When writing data to the Framework, you can continue to use the same parameter, and use either an Alphanumeric field or a Unicode (NChar NVarChar) field as input.

For example both these statements are valid:

#avListManager.AddtoList AColumn1(#MyAlphaField)

#avListManager.AddtoList AColumn1(#MyUnicodeField)


Reading Data

When reading Unicode data from Unicode-enabled parameters, you must use the new u version of the parameter if you want the Unicode data to be displayed correctly.

For example if reading Unicode-data that is outside the native character set, this statement is not valid:

#avListmanager.GetSelectedInstance AColumn1(#MyUnicodeField)


But this one is OK:

#avListmanager.GetSelectedInstance AColumn1u(#MyUnicodeField)


However, if you are not reading Unicode data that is outside the native character set, all these statements are OK:

#avListmanager.GetSelectedInstance AColumn1(#MyUnicodeField)

#avListmanager.GetSelectedInstance AColumn1(#MyAlphaField)

#avListmanager.GetSelectedInstance AColumn1u(#MyUnicodeField)

So pre-existing logic will continue to run ok.


Relationship Handlers

If you are using a relationship handler to build tree-style instance lists, and you want to add Unicode data to the instance list, you must use a reusable part as the relationship handler, not a function.



See shipped examples DF_T35* and DM_T35* for examples of using Unicode with filters, command handlers, relationship handlers and snap-in instance lists.

Note about VLF Tools and Extensions

If you have created VLF tools or extensions that read the internal VLF object model, you may need to modify and/or recompile them. Some of the VLF's internal properties have been changed to be Unicode and you may need to add .asNativeString to your references.


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