Getting ready for deployment in VLF-WIN

Since end-users generally do not have a choice of Frameworks, you should create your own versions of the available entry point forms. However, it is not recommended that you create development or design entry points for your Framework. Simply use the shipped ones and use the 'Save As' option to create different Frameworks. Then only create administrator and user entry points as required for production users, locking them into a specific XML file and never allowing the end-user a Framework XML file choice.


Create the required customized user and administrator entry point forms to your Framework by copying UF_EXEC and UF_ADMIN. These might be named, say, SHIPUSR and SHIPADM.


In the uInitializeFramework routine of all the forms change this line to disable the SaveAs functionality:

Set Com(#Com_Owner) Usystemxmlfile('vf_sy001_system.xml') Usystemxmlchoice('vf_sy001_system_choice') Usystemxmlsaveas(TRUE)


Set Com(#Com_Owner) Usystemxmlfile('ship.xml') Usystemxmlsaveas(FALSE)





You now have a completely independent Framework (named SHIP). It is designed by executing form UF_DESGN, administered by executing SHIPADM and you execute applications via SHIPUSR.

Naming Space Considerations for Managing Different Frameworks

Refer to VLF Deployment Check Lists for detailed information on how to deploy your application.