Add a Trace Statement to Indicate Save Key Was Pressed

In this step, you will add a trace statement to show when the Save key was pressed in the Details command handler.

In the Visual LANSA editor open the Details command handler (XXX_XHOMESALE_SCRUD_Handler).

Display the Source tab.

Locate the event routine handling the #Save_Button.Click event.

Add this tracing command to the event routine:

Invoke Method(#AvFrameworkManager.AvRecordTrace) Component(#Com_Owner) Event('The Save button was clicked.')

Compile the command handler.

Execute the Framework as VLF-ONE application.

In the Execute the Framework as VLF-ONE application dialog, select the Turn Tracing On option and click OK.


The signon screen now shows the trace running:


After logging on, select your application and select the Homes business object.


Display the Details command handler for a home.


Make a change to the home details and click the Save button. The trace shows the Save key was clicked.