Step 2. Create the Entry Point Form

To create an entry point form for your application to be deployed.

When the Framework is run by an end-user, the form UF_EXEC is executed. You need to create a copy of this entry point form for your Framework because production Frameworks should never reference UF* or DF* objects which may be overwritten on the next update or reinstall.

See Getting ready for deployment in VLF-WIN.

1.  Locate the form UF_EXEC in the LANSA repository.

2.  Copy the form.

3.  Name the form iiiEXEC where iii are your initials. Make the description Tutorial Framework entry point.

4.  Switch to the Source tab.

5.  In the uInitializeFramework routine change this line to specify your Framework xml file (iii_system.xml)  and to disable the SaveAs functionality:

Set Com(#Com_Owner) Usystemxmlfile('vf_sy001_system.xml') Usystemxmlchoice('vf_sy001_system_choice') Usystemxmlsaveas(TRUE)


Set Com(#Com_Owner) Usystemxmlfile('eom_system.xml') Usystemxmlsaveas(FALSE)


6.  Compile the form.

7.  Close the form.