How should I structure server modules used in VLF-ONE applications?

Start by executing and examining the progressive examples Business Objects 101, 102 and 103.

They start from the simplest case and move up to the currently recommended best practice case for structuring and interacting with server modules.  

Example Business Object 103 looks like this:


Structurally the parts of this example look like this:

The filter and command handler use DF_T53CCO (the people controller) defined like this:

Both the filter and command handler delegate all server request handling to the DF_T53CCO 'people controller'.

DF_T53CCO (and only DF_T53CCO) then communicates with the DF_T53DSO server module.

Looking in the DF_T53DSO server module you can see this important definition:

   Each SVROUTINE then starts with:

And ends with


If you look in DF_T53SSO you can see that initialize and Terminate methods are placeholder stubs: