EPC141006 – Available August 2016

This section outlines new features in the EPC141006 version of the Framework.

Ready-made Filters and Command Handlers

New VLF-ONE Reusable Parts are available when you create command handlers and filters.

Command handler tabs and instance list columns can be reordered

Users can now reorder command handler tabs and instance list columns.

See Allow User to Re-Order Command Handler Tabs and Allow User to Re-Order Columns.

Associated instances

VLF-ONE command handlers support the concept of an 'associated' instance.

See Associated Instances.


Control the number of open command tabs

There is a new option to control how many instances of the instance level command tab containers may be concurrently open in VLF-ONE.

See Maximum Instances Concurrently Open.

Hide instance list toolbars in VLF-ONE

The instance list toolbar can be hidden in VLF-ONE applications.

See Instance List Tool Bar Location.


New option to upload Framework design

You can upload your Framework design to the server using Upload Script in the Execute Framework as VLF-ONE Application dialog.

See Upload Script.


Maintain users, authorities and custom properties in VLF-ONE

Users, Authority and Custom property features are now fully functional in VLF-ONE.

See User Authority Maintenance Available in VLF-ONE.


Customized header and trailer panels in logon screen

Customized header and trailer panels are available for the default logon screen.

See Customized Header and Trailer Panels in Default Logon Screen.


No list of Frameworks in logon screen

When a Framework is specified on the startup URL, the selection list is not displayed.

See Framework Selection Optionally Displayed.


Logon timeout can be specified

The logon timeout can now be defined.

See Customizable Logon Timeouts.

Filters and command handlers can be zoomed

Filters and command handlers can now be zoomed and shrunk.

See Zoom And Shrink Filter, Instance List and Command Handler Panes.


Slider pane can be opened programmatically

A slider panel can open (float) or close itself programmatically.

See Open Slider Pane Programmatically.

aXes-TS2 as RAMP-Tools engine

Previously only aXes-TS could be used as your RAMP Tools engine.

See Option to Use aXes-TS2 in RAMP-Tools.


Specify the location of buttons in RAMP VLF-ONE screens

You can now define the location, size and separation of push buttons in RAMP VLF-ONE screens.

See Selectable Ramp Button Locations.

Encryption enhancements

Encryption has been enhanced when editing user authority options.

See Better Encryption for User Authority Options.

Tracing Improvements    


Major object leakages checked

In Developer mode, the creation and destruction of some major objects is now tracked.

See Major Object Leakages Checked in Developer Mode.


Tab Styles Enforced

See Tab Styles Enforced for Selection of BO Form View.

Create desktop icon

You can create a desktop icon for your VLF-ONE application using Create Desktop Icon in the Execute Framework as VLF-ONE Application dialog.

See Create Desktop Icon.


More messaging examples

New examples have been added to show how to use #SYS_MSGQ and how to issue messages from a server module.

See More Messaging Examples.

Close button in message display

See Close Button in Message Display.

Logon validator can pass information/persisting values on the server

The VLF-ONE logon validator can now pass information to other server modules. A new example of persisting values on the server is also available. 

See Passing Logon Validator Information/Persisting Values on Server.

Smaller collapsible toolbar in VLF-ONE

See VLF-ONE Main Tool Bar Changed.

Commands can be enabled/disabled programmatically

See You Can Programmatically Enable or Disable Commands.

Method renamed

The method #avFrameworkManager.avReceiveServerMessages has been renamed avReceiveSystemMessageQueue to standardize message handling.

If you have code using avReceiveServerMessages, it needs to be changed to use the new name.


Easier Identification of Shipped Objects

See Shipped Demonstration Objects Are Easier to Identify.

You can add the ? icon to title panes

You can display the ? icon on title panes and specify the hint text to be displayed using the New Property #Com_Owner.avTitleBarHelp.


Instance List Row Height Can Be Set

You can now set the Row Height for the default instance list for individual business objects.

You can also set the Instance list initial height and width for each business object.

See VLF-ONE Instance List Row Height.

Quickly Clear Existing Messages

You can now Quickly Clear Messages in Your Code using the Clearexistingmessages parameter in the avIssueMessage method.


Background images

You can set a background image for VLF-ONE applications.

See Customized Main Panel Backgrounds and VLF-ONE Background Panel Reusable Part.

New Look Sign-in Dialog

The default sign-in dialog now has a clean and minimalist look. See New Look Sign-in Dialog.