EPC141034 – Available August 2017

This section outlines new features in the EPC141034 version of the Framework.

Workbench Focus

The Visual LANSA Framework developer/designer focus has shifted from using VLF-WIN in design mode to using a new enhanced version of the VLF Developer's Workbench.

See New Design and Role for the VLF Developer's Workbench.

Common Activities

The Common Activities tabs, available on Framework and business object levels, can automatically generate code for many different usage contexts.

See New Common Activities Feature.

Designer Menu Option Removed from the Tools Menu

The VLF-WIN Designer Menu Option Has Been Moved so that the Framework is always started in Developer mode.

New VLF-ONE Tutorials

The new Tutorials for VLF-ONE Web Applications show how you can quickly complete common VLF tasks using the Common Activities tabs.


New Look Instant Prototyping Assistant

The Instant Prototyping Assistant has a new look. See Instant Prototyping Assistant Enhancements.

Program Coding Assistant No Longer Available in VLF-ONE

The Common Activities tab has replaced the Program Coding Assistant in VLF-ONE. See Program Coding Assistant Only for VLF-WIN.

Demonstration System Enhancements

See Changes to the Demonstration System.

Filter by Column

End-users can now filter instance list items by a column's content.

See Column Filtering.

Editing Instance List Column Properties

Individual instance list columns can be edited in the Instance List Column dialog.


New Navigation Menu Options

VLF-ONE's navigation menu style is being extended to allow end-users to use a more traditional navigation menu style.

See New VLF-ONE Navigation Menu Options.

VLF-ONE Applications Now Support Default Command Overrides

When a user clicks on an instance list entry, the last command they have executed becomes the preferred default command.

When an instance list is cleared, the preferred default reverts to being the actual (developer defined) default command, if any.

In association with this change the Default Command option NEVER is now available in VLF-ONE applications.


Command Tabs Can be Hidden in VLF-ONE

The Hide All Other Command Tabs option is now available in VLF-ONE.

New Printing Option

New Printing Option and Examples are available in VLF-ONE.

New Rich Text Editor in the Demo

The Notes Handler Uses Quill Rich Text Editor in the VLF-ONE demonstration system.


Access to the VL List Control

Filters can now access the Visual LANSA list control in instance list handlers. See Access to the List Control in an Instance List.



Expanding and Shrinking Panes in VLF-ONE

Panes can now be programmatically expanded and shrunk in VLF-ONE. See Expanding, Shrinking and Restoring Panes In VLF-ONE.

Change in Send to MS-Excel

See Instance List Send to MS-Excel Has Changed.

Framework Locking at Design Time

Design Time Framework Locking prevents accidental loss of Framework design changes.


RAD-PAD Editing

You can easily edit your prototype using the New RAD-PADs Tab.


Internal Components are Prefixed zInt_

There is now Clearer Indication of What Internal VLF-ONE Components You Can Use.

New Images in Images Palette

See Enhanced Images Palette.


Google Material Icons Available in VLF-ONE

You can use the font-based Google Material Icons in VLF-ONE Applications.

Instance List Maintenance Is Now Easier

See Instance List Maintenance Has Been Redesigned.

Simplified Asynchronous Methods in VLF-ONE

The New Asynchronous Handling Methods in VLF-ONE automatically implement the most common activities performed in an asynchronous interaction with a server module.


Prompters Now Available for All Snap-in Components

See Snap-in Prompters.