Instance List Send to MS-Excel Has Changed

The Instance List feature Send to MS-Excel has changed in VLF-ONE.

The .CSV file is now built in the visual part of the instance list.

The advantage is that by building the .CSV file in the visual part of the instance list, the downloaded data can be a better reflection of what the user sees in the instance list. It can be in the same row order and column order that the user sees. And if the user has used quick search to restrict entries, only the visible entries will be in the downloaded data.

For the standard VLF-ONE instance list

When the Snap in instance list is blank, VF_UM040O, or VF_UM044O this is handled automatically.

For other snap in instance lists

If you want to continue to use the previous download logic, you do not need to do anything.

If you want an accurate representation of what the user sees, you will need to redefine method routine uSendtoXL in your snap in instance list component, and write your own logic to send the data to MS-Excel.