Parent-Child Style

The parent-child style list is a specialized version of the expand/collapse style list.

In this example, you can see that products have orders and suppliers as children, and that orders have shipments as children. The end-user can expand any item to see its individual details, or the details of its children.

To use a Parent-Child style list you need to:

Optionally you can add the child details on demand by using a snap-in component called a relationship handler. Review the shipped VLF-ONE examples for more details.

Please Note: Parent child relationships are very common in relational database designs, for example Orders and Line Items, or Employees and Expenses.

This list style does not mean that you must visualize parent-child database relationships by using it.

For example, the shipped VLF-ONE demonstration visualizes the parent-child database relationship between Employees and Expenses in a contact card style list like this: