Access to the List Control in an Instance List

Filters can access the list control in instance list handlers using method avListManager.avVisualList.

This allows filters and command handlers to directly access the list control displayed by the instance list handler, provided that:

This allows filters to make minor changes to the appearance of the instance list.

For example if the instance list normally looks like this:


You could modify it from the filter, so that it looks like this:


Using code in the filter's uInitialize routine that looks like this:


Note - see warnings for this feature - this feature is only intended for limited changes to the appearance of the list. The changes you make can conflict with existing instance list features.

See shipped examples DF_T72* (In the VLF-ONE shipped demo, Examples --> Advanced --> Control Instance List 2). Also see Low Level Direct Access To The Visualization List in VLF-ONE Instance Lists.