Instance List Column Maintenance Panel

Use this panel to create and edit the columns in an instance list.

The usual sequence of actions is:

1. Select a table or a prefix for data dictionary fields

This will populate the drag tray with table columns.


2. Drag the table columns that you want to show on the instance list from the drag tray to the instance list

Also drag the columns that uniquely identify an instance list entry from the drag tray to the Unique Identifiers list.

Other options

Remember that values you set for the instance list column width, visibility, and order may be changed by the end user of the Framework, and these changes will be remembered for that user. So an instance list may appear differently to a user than the way it is designed in this screen. 

The options on this panel are:

Select the table that most closely represents [business object name]

OR get data dictionary fields with prefix

Drag table columns from here

Drop them here to lay out how a list of [business object name] should be displayed to the users

Also drop them here to define how each [business object name] list entry is uniquely identified

Use the field's Description/Label/Column Heading as column heading