Edit Code

Edit codes can be applied to numeric additional columns. To set an edit code for a numeric value, select the edit code from the dropdown.  The edit code identifier appears first followed by an example of the resulting display format. The edit codes available map to the standard LANSA codes 1,2,3,4,A,B,C,D,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,Y and Z. Default is no edit code is applied. Note that: 

  1. * Perfect real or implied visual decimal point alignment between positive and negative values may not be achievable. Depending upon the font being used the visual impact may be better or worse.      
  2. * Values sent to MS-Excel may not be interpreted as numeric values because trailing CR, “-“ or breaking space pad characters (X0A) may not be automatically considered to be numeric content by MS-Excel.  

This property is in the business object Instance List tab.