EPC142005 – Available May 2018

This section outlines new features in the EPC142005 version of the Framework:

VLF-ONE applications are Single Page Applications (SPAs)

See VLF-ONE applications are Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Windows User Credentials Validation Service

The VLF common services layer is now available for use in your server modules on Windows or IBM i servers. The first service provided allows a Windows user's  credentials to be validated.

See #uSystemCommon Services Now Available In Server Modules.

 Material Design

Generate Code in Material Design Style in Common Activities.

Execute Framework in Material Design Mode instead of the default Windows desktop mode.

Material Design Mode Menus Show Open Items.

Badge notifications appear as coloured rounded icons for an object indicating its status. See Badges.

Logon Layout Changes in Material Design Mode.

New Themes for Material Design.


Browser Window Adopts Framework's Image and Hint

If your Framework has a Themed or Other image, it is now used as the web browser's icon, and if your Framework has a hint, it is now used as the web browser's caption.    

See Web Page Icon and Caption Now Set at Start Up.

Explanatory VLF-ONE Source Code

VLF-ONE source code now contains explanatory diagrams. See Explanatory Source Code in VLF-ONE.

Team Member Prefixes for Automatically Generated Objects

If you are working as part of a team, you can set a personal prefix for the objects which you generate automatically. See New Unique Team Member Prefix for Framework Objects.

The Default Value for Allow Zoom in Is No

The shipped VLF-ONE entry point web pages have been changed to set the Allow Zoom In feature to No because this is the recommended setting for small and medium devices.

See UF_OEXEC and DF_OEXEC Web Pages Changed .

DirectX Execution Mode in VLF-WIN

DirectX execution mode is now supported in VLF-WIN applications that do not use RAMP. See VLF-WIN Launch Render Type.

Currency Prefixes/Suffixes in the Instance List

You can now add a prefix or a suffix for numeric column data in an instance list. This is useful for currency data.

See Prefixes/Suffixes for Instance List Numeric Column Data.

SCRUD Contact Card Instance List

See Create a Contact Card Style Instance List Browser in Simple SCRUD.

Time Limit for Suspended Sessions in VLF-ONE

When a suspended web browser session is reactivated, a check is made to see how long it has been suspended. If that time exceeds the specified time limit, VLF-ONE closes the application.

See Suspended Session Time Limit Introduced


System Information in Framework Title Bar

See System Information Shown in the Workbench Title Bar.

Business Object Subtypes Now Hide Disabled Tabs

VLF-ONE command handler tabs which are disabled by their subtype are now made invisible. This reverses the visibility change made in EPC141081.

This behaviour matches VLF-WIN's subtype tab behaviour.  


Fatal Error Handling Enhanced

A more direct and stable shutdown path has been introduced for fatal error situations which involve failed server modules.

For example, calls are no longer made to active command handlers and filters querying whether they will allow an application to close.   


VLF-ONE Sidebar Menus Now Disabled

The VLF-ONE Windows desktop style UI Sidebar Menus Are No Longer Enabled by Default.


Changes to Auto Tiled Behaviour and Options

If you manually maximize a VLF-ONE pane while auto tiling is turned on, it now maximizes to fill the viewing area.

Correspondingly the programmatic avPaneMaximize and avPaneMinimize methods have a new optional PerformAutoTiling() parameter.


Multiple Open Instances Option Cannot Be Used with Subtypes

VLF documentation has always indicated that the use of subtypes with multiple open instances is not supported. See Maximum Instances Concurrently Open.

This rule is now enforced in the software at execution time and therefore business objects with subtypes do not show the multiple open instance option.


Shorter Start Up Times for VLF-ONE Applications

VLF-ONE applications now take less time to start. See Improved VLF-ONE Start Up Times.



These features are new in RAMP:

New Advanced RAMP Methods in SYSTEM IIP

A VLF-ONE system IIP can now contain redefinable methods that permit advanced control of RAMP sessions. See New System IIP Advanced RAMP Methods.

New RAMP Button Sizing Options in VLF-ONE

See New RAMP Button Sizing Options.


Help with Creating and Testing VLF-ONE RAMP Applications

The new RAMP Developer Panel in VLF-ONE Applications has various options to help you with creating and testing your application.


Show Only RAMP Information in Trace

There is now an option to Trace RAMP Context Only.