Suspended Session Time Limit Introduced

VLF-ONE now has a suspended session time limit.

A web browser application is typically suspended when it is not visible to the user, for example when it is minimized, behind another tab or when it is sent to the background on a mobile device. 

When a suspended browser session is reactivated, a check is made to see how long it has been suspended. If that time exceeds the specified time limit, VLF-ONE closes the application with a message like this:

Typically, the suspension limit used is less than the VL-Web server session limit time. This means it is unlikely that a user can resume a suspended browser session and start working only to discover that their web server session has expired and is no longer usable.   

The shipped default times are 5 minutes for mobile devices and 60 minutes for PCs.

Your system IIP can set the suspended time limit like this: 

#AVFRAMEWORKMANAGER.avSuspendedTimeLimit := 300 /* Time in seconds */