Make this a One Command, No Instance List Business Object

This common activities option rearranges the business object so that it has no instance list or filters - just a single command handler. This command is the default command so it is displayed as soon as the business object is displayed. 

Warning: When you use this option, all pre-existing filters and commands for the business object will be deleted.

Typical cases where you might want to do this are:

1. You want to switch the user to a new business object, pass it identifying data, and have the command display without any further user interaction.

2. The command handler has its own search logic and does not need a filter or instance list.

3. No search or select is required and you want navigation to be as simple as possible for the user - e.g. display a company website.

4. You want an unmanaged RAMP session to appear in its own business object: