Release Notice for Customers Upgrading to EPC142057



Visual LANSA Framework (VLF)

Build Number


Pre-Requisite Details

Your Visual LANSA software must be at V14SP2 level with EPC142040 applied. 

If you use RAMP, your aXes software must be at version 4.1.1.

Additional Post Install/Upgrade Actions

If you use custom properties, you need to regenerate and redeploy your Framework’s XXXXXXXXXXX_LLL_VLFONE_Definition.DAT file(s) after upgrading. 

New Features

See What's New in the VLF in EPC142057 – Available Second Quarter 2019

Installation or Upgrade on Windows Systems  

1. If you have not already done so, upgrade your LANSA system to V14SP2 (service pack 2) level.

2. If you have not already done so, apply EPC142040.

3. Now load EPC142057 (this EPC) by executing program wEPC142057.exe as an administrator.

4. Follow the installation steps On LANSA Developer PCs and Windows Servers for the rest of the steps required.


Installation or Upgrade on IBM i Servers 

If you are using server-side components of the Visual LANSA Framework or are using RAMP, you need to update any IBM i servers you are using.

1. You must perform all upgrade steps as user QSECOFR or as a user that is part of the QSECOFR group.

2. Make sure that no users or jobs are accessing your LANSA system. See How to check for Active Users in a LANSA system for how to check for active users or jobs.

3. If you have not already done so, upgrade LANSA on your IBM i server to V14SP2 (service pack 2) level.

4. If you have not already done so, apply EPC142040. 

5. Now load EPC142057 (this EPC):

  • Find out your LANSA system's program library name. It is symbolically referred to as <pgmlib> in these instructions.
  • Copy the unzipped file EPC142057 file into IFS folder /LANSA_<pgmlib>.
  • Execute command ADDLIBLE <pgmlib>
  • Prompt command LOADEPC by using F4 and enter these values:

  • Delete file /LANSA_<pgmlib>/EPC142057

6. RAMP users need to update their aXes system to version 4.1.1. See

7. Follow Installation On IBM i Servers for the rest of the steps required. 


Note: For customers with existing VLF-WEB framework applications (WAMs and Webevent) who are installing the VLF to a new partition, contact LANSA support for the instructions to follow.

Valid Upgrade Paths from versions earlier than EPC142005