EPC140006 – Available February 2016

This section outlines new features in the EPC140006 version of the Framework.


VLF-ONE is a completely rewritten Framework web application which leverages the HTML5 capabilities of Visual LANSA Version 14. With VLF-ONE you can take advantage of all the new Visual LANSA web features with minimal coding and a minimal learning curve.

VLF-ONE applications are superior to VLF-WEB and VLF.NET applications, delivering a responsive desktop experience on the web.

For VLF-WIN users VLF-ONE offers more functionality and an easy pathway to the web.

In addition, VLF-ONE has:

  • A clean, simple and up-to-date UI
  • Stronger security
  • Enhanced message handling
  • Better customizable themes
  • More customizable 'snap-in' points.

VLF-ONE is suitable for back office and core business applications, for everyday use by 'expert' users, and for applications with hundreds or thousands of transactions/panels. It is not suitable for web sites, public facing applications or applications for occasional or novice users.

VLF-ONE is designed for large screen devices and can be used on mobile phones.

See VLF-ONE – Tour the Shipped Demonstration.


Instance List Search Field

A Quick Search Field can be enabled for instance lists in VLF-ONE applications.

Simplified Designer Interface

You can now hide the properties that are not applicable to the type of Framework application you are designing.

See Hide/Show Properties.


Changes to Framework Menu Options

See Framework Menu Options Save, Save and Restart, and Save and Exit Options Have Changed.


Error Handling for the Send to MS Excel Option

Error handling has been added to the Send to MS Excel feature which is invoked by right-clicking the instance list.

If there are any problems with the creation, writing to or closing of the temporary file used in this feature, an error message is issued. The message shows the stage in which the error occurred and the return code.


Enable Framework for RAMP Applications

If you want your Framework to support the design and execution of RAMP applications, you need to select the option Enable Framework for RAMP Applications in the Framework details tab.

Save and restart your Framework immediately after changing this option on or off.


Caption Overrides Disabled by Default

Caption overriding is a relatively expensive operation - particularly in menu items – and therefore it is not enabled by default. If you want to override captions, you must edit your Framework definition XML file.

See Temporarily Overriding Object Captions.