The Visual LANSA Framework Tutorials are a set of exercises designed to introduce and reinforce the fundamental skills required to build applications with the Framework.

Tutorials for VLF-ONE Web Applications

Assumed Knowledge

A Very Quick Tour of the Shipped Demonstration Framework

Work as a VLF Developer

Create Your Own Visual LANSA Framework

Create a Repository List to Track the Things You Create in This Tutorial

Create Applications and Business Objects

Create an Auto-SCRUD Business Object

Prototype an Application


Command Handlers 

Manually Creating Filters and Command Handlers

The Different Ways to Display an Instance List (Optional)

Switching and Signalling

Recommended Things to Understand Next


Tutorials for VLF-WIN Applications

VLF000 - Execute Framework Application

VLF001 - Defining Your HR Application

VLF002 - Defining Your Business Objects

VLF003 - Prototyping Your Filters

VLF004 - Prototyping Your Commands

VLF005 - Validating the Prototype

VLF006WIN - Snapping in a Real Windows Filter

VLF007WIN - Snapping in a Real Windows Command Handler

VLF009WIN - Adding Instance List Columns in Windows Applications

VLF010WIN - Creating a Mini Filter

VLF011WIN - Creating a Parent Child Instance List

VLF012WIN - Controlling Navigation Using Switching and the Virtual Clipboard

VLF013WIN - Signaling Events 

VLF014WIN - Debugging/Tracing


Tutorials for Deployment

VLFDEPONE - Deploying the VLF-ONE Framework

VLFDEPWIN - Deploying the VLF-WIN Framework


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