Select the Keys of the Selected View to be used for Search Operations

Select the key(s) of the selected view that are to support searching.

Imagine that you had two views of an employee's table available:

Now imagine that you wanted your end-users to be able to:

To do this you would probably create 2 filters:

The first (1) would use view A with these options

Keys to be used in search: DEPTMENT and SECTION only.    

User must specify all chosen keys: No. Just a DEPTMENT value alone may be specified to create a list of all the employees in a department.   

Allow generic searching: No. Searching for departments or sections with generic names has no business value and may be confusing.

The second (2) would use view B with these options

Keys to be used in search: SURNAME only.   

User must specify all chosen keys: Yes. At least one letter of a surname must be specified before the search button can be clicked to prevent extremely large searches being done by accident. 

Allow generic searching: Yes.  

Note: Key selections need to be contiguous from the first key. For example, if you select key number 3 you must also select key numbers 1 and 2. 

This is a Program Coding Assistant property.