Default Command


The selected command is the default command for this object.

For instance commands, a default command is executed when the user clicks or double-clicks on an entry in the instance list.  If the command handler is shown as a tab sheet, it is presented leftmost in the folder, regardless of how you may have sequenced any other tab sheets within the folder.

A default command should always be authorized to be used by all users. You cannot effectively condition authorizations to use a default command.


The selected command is a normal command.

Normal instance commands are not displayed by default when the user clicks on an instance list entry unless the user has chosen this command when they clicked on the previous instance list entry.


Only applicable to VLF-ONE in EPC141034 or later.

Applicable to instance commands only.

This command is never the default. Even if the user chose this command for the previous instance list entry, when the user clicks on the next entry this command is not shown.

When subtypes are defined for a business object and an instance command is not enabled for all subtypes, the Default Command option for the command should be defined as Never.


This property is in the Commands Allowed tab.