Use this tab to identify your Framework or an object in the Framework:

Note that not all Identification tab properties are available for all object types.


Allow Selection from Navigation Pane

Allow in VLF-ONE

Allow in VLF-WIN

Allow this Object to be Opened in a New Window

Alter Development Status


Caption (Singular)

Caption with Accelerator

Contains Favorites

Generation Prefix


Internal Identifier

Last Changed

Number of Additional Windows a User can have Open Concurrently

Multiple Window Control Bar Location

Restricted Access



Show the 'Windows' Menu in this Framework

Show Current Business Object in Window Title


Unique Identifier

User Object Name/Type

Visual LANSA Framework Guide

VLF-ONE Dark Background Color

VLF-ONE Light Background Color

VLF-ONE Popup Panel Name

VLF-ONE Startup Page

VLF-WIN Administrator Launch Form

VLF-WIN Designer Launch Form

VLF-WIN End-User Launch Form

VLF-WIN Launch Render Type