Note that VLF-ONE does not support an automatic start up display, so none of the properties on this panel are applicable to VLF-ONE.  

This option specifies what is displayed in the large right-hand frame when the Framework or application starts up. The options are:


No action, the introduction panel simply hides itself from view.

Embedded URL

The URL specified is immediately displayed as a web page imbedded in the introduction panel.


Options applicable to VLF-WIN only:

Full Image      

The image specified as bitmap is displayed so as to fill the entire viewing area of the introduction panel. The  URL  property has no meaning when this option is selected.

Real Image

The image is displayed in its real size, centered in the viewing area on the introduction panel. If a URL value exists then its text is centered below the image so that it can be clicked on.

No Image

No image is to be displayed. If a URL value exists its text is centered in the viewing area.   If no Introduction URL exists a completely blank form is displayed.



This property is in the Framework Startup tab.