Business Object Command

Select this option if you want the selected command to apply to the business object itself.

Business object commands are displayed when you right-click the business object.

Whether a command is best implemented as applicable to the business object itself or its instances depends on the context.

For example, let's assume you have a business object Employee, with instances such as 'employee A1234 Veronica Brown'.  To allow the user to enter new employees, you would create the command New. Logically this command applies to the business object Employee, so you would make it a business object command.

To view details of an individual employee (in other words an instance of the Employee business object) you could add a command Details. You need to make this command an instance command, because it will display details of the individual employees (such as phone number, salary etc.), not about the business object. So for Details you would select the Instance Command option.

This property is in the Commands Allowed tab.