Instance List

This tab sheet contains properties:

Allow Instance List to be sent to MS-Excel

Allow Multiple Selections

Allow User to Re-Order Columns

Column Maintenance Dialog (Sequence, Type, Caption, Width, Decimals, Edit Code, Date/Time Output Format and UTC conversion.)

Double Click for Default Command

Enable Clear List Button

Enable Popup Panels

File Prefix to be used for MS-Excel

Instance List Column Maintenance Panel

Instance List Tool Bar Height or Width

Instance List Tool Bar Location

Instance List Tool Bar Text Location

Popup Panel Name

Quick Search Field Caption

Quick Search Field Width

Use a Reusable Part

Save and Restore Instance Lists

Show Additional Columns

VLF-WIN Snap-In Instance List Browser ID

VLF-ONE Instance List Initial Height

VLF-ONE Instance List Initial Width

VLF-ONE Instance List Row Height

VLF-ONE Popup Panel Name

VLF-ONE Snap-In Instance Item Panel ID

VLF-ONE Snap-In Instance List Browser