Server Details

The Server Details tab contains these properties:

The properties shown on the Server Details tab depend on the type of server chosen.

Attempt Automatic session recovery

Action to take when session cannot be recovered

Check connection before executing commands

Check connection before selecting applications and business objects

Check Connection using function

Client Server Translation Table


Commitment Control

Database Password

Database Type

Database User

DBCS Capable

Divert Locks

Execution/RAMP Tools Engine

Execution Priority

IBM i Host Server Mapper Name / IP address

IBM i Host Server Mapper Port

IP Address and Port Number

Load Path


Partition is Enabled for RDMLX

Private Definition/aXes Project Folder

RAMP Tools Mode Load Path

Save as Deployment Server

Selection Block Size

Selection Limit

Server Client Translation Table

Server IIP function to validate sign on

Server Name

Server Overrides

Server Type

Show on Connect Dialog

Time interval between checks of connection status

Update File

Upper and Lower Case Password


Use Windows Credentials