Administrative User

Use this option to indicate which users are administrative users.

An administrative user is a user who can maintain the lists of user profiles and servers. They use UF_ADMIN (or equivalent) as the entry point to the Framework.

This option is only checked by the Framework when the user must sign on to use the local database and the user initiated the Framework using UF_ADMIN (or equivalent).  Users accessing the Framework through UF_DESGN (or equivalent) are not checked to be administrators.

Users accessing the Framework through UF_DESGN or UF_ADMIN (or equivalent) who use the Framework in connect to server mode or who do not sign in are not checked to see if they are administrators. 

Please Note: The role of an Administrator in VLF-ONE Applications In VLF-ONE applications, user profiles set up to be administrators are normally not used as general users of the application. Instead, they are used to change the authorizations and custome properties of general users. This is because administrators cannot have authority or override custom property values applied to themselves. The net effect of this is that the person who is the administrator may require two user profiles: an administration profile and a general user profile.


This property is in the User Details tab.