Framework Details

Use this tab to set options for the entire Framework:

Address for Error Notification

Allow Panes to be Shrunk and Expanded

Allow Search/Recently Used Limit

Allow Users to Switch Views

Automatic Save Time in Minutes

Default Font when Printing a Report Using Windows

Development Status Captions

Enable Development Status Feature

Enable the Position Menu Option

Encrypt XML Files 

Icon and Bitmap Enroller

Keep Versions in Subfolders

Keep XML File Versions

Launch from Status Bar

MTXT String Loader

Nodes XML File

Search Field Width

Server Settings XML File

Stay Active Default for Command Handlers and Filters

Table Definitions XML File

Tool Bar Height

Tool Bar Style 

Trim Working Set

User Imbedded Interface Point

View as A Single Tree

View as Drop Down on Toolbar

View as Two Lists Over and Under

View as Two Lists Side By Side