Name of User Set to be Used

When you have elected to store user and authority details in DBMS tables VFPPF06/07 (see Store Users in XML File and Store users in DBMS Tables VFPPF06/07 ) you may also specify a User Set.

User Sets may be used to

For example, imagine you have two separate Frameworks named GENLEDGER and CRM defined.

Both Frameworks use the option to store user details in DBMS tables on the server.

Assuming that both Frameworks operate in the same LANSA partition then they will both be use the same DBMS tables to store their user details. 

Are the user profiles stored in the DBMS tables to be shared or to be separated?

To share the user details give both Frameworks the same User Set Name.

To separate the user details give both Frameworks different User Set Names. 

The default User Set name is SYSTEM.

It is strongly recommended that you restrict User Set names to at most 10 contiguous uppercase characters of the English alphabet (i.e. A-> Z only with no imbedded blanks). This will minimize the risk of any code page conversion issues now or in the future. 

Please note that separate really means separate.

User1 in user set A has absolutely nothing to do with User1 in user set B. 

This property is in the Framework User Administration Settings tab.