User Administration Settings

Use this tab to specify user administration settings for the Framework.

Advise User With a Message

Alignment of Image on Form

Allow Remote Server Password Change

Change Password IIP

Check Password Expiry

End-users Must Sign on to this Framework

Framework Fatal Error


Image / Web Page to Display on Form

Import Users Imbedded Interface Point

Launch Button Caption

Launch URL (Windows)

Inactivity Timeout Log off

Inactivity Timeout Log on

Maximum Signon Attempts Allowed

Name of User Set to be Used

Report on Users - Imbedded Interface Point (Id)

Store Users in XML File and Store users in DBMS Tables VFPPF06/07

Use Framework Users and Authority

User Can Change Own Password

Users May Work Offline if the Remote Server Is Not Available

Users Sign on Locally to Use the Framework

Users Sign on to a Remote Server to Use the Framework

VLF-ONE Change Password IIP

Warn before (days)



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