Use Multiple Open Business Object Instances

You can control how many business object instances (command handlers) can be open in an application at the same time.

To see how this works execute a business object created with the SCRUD option (see Create an Auto-SCRUD Business Object). Notice it has a control which allows you to adjust how many panels can be concurrently open:


When the number is 1, you can only open the command hander for one business object instance. Increase the number to 3 to be able to have three business object instances open at the same time:


The number of concurrently open business object instances can be controlled at design time using the Maximum Instances Concurrently Open option in the Command Display tab of the business object:


When more than one business object instance is allowed to be open, the command handler code has to manage this by setting a reference to each of them.

To see how this is done, open the SCRUD details command handler (in this example XXX_XHOMESALE_SCRUD_Handler) in the Visual LANSA editor and note that when the instance level command handler panels are initially displayed, they are assigned an 'associated' instance: