Server-Side System Managers

You should place any methods that would normally be shared by an application's server modules in a server-side system manager.

Switch to your repository tracking list (see Create a Repository List to Track the Things You Create in This Tutorial) in the Visual LANSA editor.

If you have used any options on the Common Activity tabs that create a server module, a server-side system manager has been automatically created for you.

Server system managers are named <your prefix>_ServerSystemManager.


Open the server system manager and switch to the Source tab:


As you can see, the Initialize and Terminate methods are placeholder stubs. All server modules created by Common Activities have code in them to invoke these methods in the server-side system manager.

A server-side system manager is useful when you need to control things such as:

The use of server-side system managers standardizes processing and centralizes code.

See How should I structure server modules used in VLF-ONE applications?