Step 2. Establish the Parent-Child Relationship

In this step you will establish the relationship between the Departments business object and the Employees business object.

1.   Display the Properties of the Departments object. Make sure the Advanced check box is selected on the top of the page.

2.   Click on the Relationships tab.

3.   In the list scroll down and select the Employees business object.

4.   In the Relationship Type group box on the right select the Child or Descendant radio button.

5.   Deselect the check box Allow Selection from Navigation Pane.

6.   Deselect the check box Allow Side by Side display.

7.   Click the Close button in the message that appears.

8.   Click the Close button.

9.   Save and restart the Framework.

10.   Select the Departments business object and click on the Emulate Search button in the mock-up filter. Expand one of the Departments in the instance list. Notice that the emulated data shows its child business objects, Employees.