Step 1. Add a Trace Statement to Indicate Enter Key Was Pressed

In this step, you will add a trace statement to show when the Enter key was pressed in the Employees mini filter.

1.   In the Visual LANSA editor open the Employees mini filter iiiCOM07.

2.   Display the Source tab.

3.   Locate the event routine handling the #xEmployeeSurname.KeyPress event.

4.   After the IF statement which tests if the Enter key was pressed, add this tracing command:

Invoke #AvFrameworkManager.AvRecordTrace Component(#Com_Owner) Event('The Enter key was pressed')


5.   Compile the filter.

6.   Start the Framework.

7.   In the Framework menu select the Tracing option and then Application Level.


The Trace Details window is displayed:


8.   Expand the iiiHR application and select the Employees business object. (Move the tracing window to the side if necessary).

9.   Move the focus to the mini filter and press Enter. The tracing window will now show that the Enter key was pressed.


10.   Close the Framework.