Popup Panel Hints in the Instance List

Note: This documentation is only relevant to the shipped instance browsers VF_UM040, VF_UM040O, VF_UM044O and VF_UM041O.  

A popup panel can be associated with an instance list so that it appear when the user hovers over an instance list entry.

A pop up panel is a VL reusable part with ancestor VF_AC021O (VLF-ONE) or VF_AC021 (VLF-WIN).

Pop up panels are snapped-in on the Instance List tab of a business object:

Users can disable or enable popups by right-mouse clicking on the instance list and using the context menu. The property will be remembered for the user from session to session.

VLF-ONE shipped examples

Use Business Applications -> Customers and hover over a customer.

The pop up handler is DF_T40PPO.

VLF-WIN shipped examples

Use HR Demo Application -> Organizations.

Expand the tree and hover over Departments, Sections and Resources.

The pop up handlers are DF_T3301, DF_T3302 and DF_T3303.