4.3.2 For Object/Action Orientated Designs (Action Bar Systems)

If you plan to design an action bar driven application system you should use a different technique to break the business requirements down into processes and functions.

The recommended technique is very well described in the IBM manual Common User Access: Basic Interface Design Guide (SC26-4583). An appendix in this manual titled "Designing an Object-Action Orientated Application" describes a method for this breakdown process.

An "Object-Action" approach is essential to designing and implementing action bar driven applications.

Read the complete text of Action Bars and Pull Down Menu Applications before attempting to design or implement an action bar driven system. With the prototyping details in that chapter and the break down procedures from the IBM CUA manual you will find that it is very easy to design, prototype and then implement an action bar driven system.

It should be far easier, and produce more consistent results, than a more traditional "Action/Object" design approach would.