4.8.1 Paint Screen and Report Layouts Last

As IBM i 3GL compilers require that display and printer files exist before the corresponding program can be successfully compiled, 3GL programmers are in the habit of designing screens or reports first.

When using LANSA, significant productivity gains can result by NOT following this conventional IBM i 3GL technique. Let LANSA design the screen and report layouts as you code, and then you can modify the layouts when you know that the program works.

Some points about this technique are:

   For instance if you need the user to input a part number and a customer number, simply code the following and and then keep writing the RDML program logic:



   What is initially important is that the user inputs the required information and that the program works correctly. The location of the information can be easily changed when the program is complete and functions correctly.



   ..and keep on going. The detailed positioning of this information can be performed later when the rest of the program has been coded and tested.