9.6 The Action Bar Control Table

The information that defines the content and layout of an action bar is contained in a table called the "Action Bar Control Table".

Each process of type "ACT/BAR" has its own entries in the action bar control table.

The content of the table can be reviewed and changed at any time by using the option accessible from the Process Definition Menu.

If you attempt to review the action bar control table entries associated with a process that is not of type "ACT/BAR", a message will display indicating that the process does not have action bar control table entries.

In this situation you can use the "Miscellaneous Process Details" facility accessible from the Process Definition Menu to change the process type from SAA/CUA to ACT/BAR.

Take care if making such a change, because all the associated RDML functions will need to be recompiled to allow them to display the action bar on lines 2 through to at most 4 of the screen panel.

The action bar control table defines the content and layout of the action bar and its associated pull downs as follows:

Action Bar Option Definition

Up to 18 action bar options can be defined.

Each action bar option needs the following attributes defined to make it usable:

A/Bar Keyword (Text Identifier)

Specifies the text that is to appear in the action bar to identify this action bar choice. Some things to note are:


Specifies the sequence that the action bar option is to appear in the action bar. The number specified must be in the range 1 to 18 and unique within the action bar.

AB$OPT Field Value

AB$OPT is a field defined in the LANSA Repository. Some things to note about the value you specify here are: