9.6.1 Pull Down Definition (for Each Action Bar Option Defined)

Each action bar option defined must have an associated pull down menu.

The pull down menu can have from 1 to 9 choices defined in it.

Each individual pull down choice must have the following things defined to make it a usable choice:

No (Sequence Number)

Specifies the number associated with the pull down choice. It cannot be changed. To reorder choices in a pull down you must over type the details. Deleted choices cause following choices to move up so that all choices are always numbered consecutively.


Specifies the text that is to appear in the pull down to identify this pull down choice. Some things to note are:

AK (Accelerator Key)

Specifies the accelerator key that is to be associated with this pull down choice. Some things to note are:

PD$OPT Field Value

PD$OPT is a field defined in the LANSA Repository. Some things to note about the value you specify here are:

IA (Initial Availability)

Specifies whether or not this pull down choice is to be made available on the initial invocation of the action bar. Some things to note about this option are:

Associated With

Specifies which function/process/special entry is to be invoked when the pull down choice is selected from the pull down menu.

The following is worth noting about this link between the action bar control table and the function/process/special entry it causes to be invoked:

The following table indicates amendment actions that can be made to the action bar control table and the type of (re)compilation activity that would normally be required:

Type Of Change To The Action Bar Control Table

Objects To (Re)Compile

More action bar options cause another line to be used on all screen panel(s).

All associated RDML functions.

Process (if compiled).

More action bar options do not  cause another line to be used. 

Process (if compiled).

More pull down choices.

Process (if compiled).

Action bar descriptions and  any other action bar value. 

Process (if compiled).

Pull down descriptions and  any other pull down value. 

Process (if compiled).