11. Application Performance on IBM i

11.1 Macro Performance Factors and Micro Performance Factors

11.2 Interactive, Batch and Overnight Processing

11.3 Using Working Lists and the KEEP_LAST Parameter

11.4 Keeping Heavily Used Files Open

11.5 Using the OPEN Command Instead of a Logical View to Order Data

11.6 Other File Opening Considerations

11.7 The FUNCTION Command

11.8 Clean Up Considerations for Heavy Usage Functions


11.10 PAG Trimming

11.11 Execution and Security Settings

11.12 People and Machine Performance - Some Things to Consider

11.13 Co-ordinate System Settings

11.14 Some Database Design Considerations

11.15 Some Functional Design Considerations

11.16 Some Programming Considerations

11.17 IBM i Authority Checking

11.18 End User And Developer Machines

11.19 Team Sizes

11.20 Education

11.21 Attitude and Commitment

11.22 Work Practices

11.23 Unlearning

11.24 Loss of 3GL Skills

11.25 Signs of Trouble

11.26 Large Numbers - Approach with Caution

11.27 Estimating Application Performance by Running an Application

11.28 Estimating Application Performance by Calculating an ERUF

11.29 Breakdown of RDML Commands into Resource Groups

11.30 Breakdown of Commonly Used Built-in Functions into Resource Groups