11.11.4 Turning All File Access Security Checking Off

The flag that controls this option is the Disable end user file level security which you set in the Work with Execution and Security Settings described in the LANSA for i User Guide.

A "Y" in this flag indicates that run time file level security checking should be suppressed. Any other value indicates that run time file security checking should be performed as normal.

Setting of this flag to "Y" may be appropriate for users that use other/external menu systems to control/secure access to LANSA processes - and/or use the philosophy "if the program appears on your menu, then you should be able to access the files that the program requires".

Minor to moderate performance improvements can be expected by setting this flag to "Y", especially in *DBOPTIMIZE functions.

This flag is interpreted dynamically.

Normal (ie: non-*DBOPTIMIZE) functions do not need to be recompiled to react to this new flag.

The setting of this flag has no effect on development activities involving the file definitions. They are still subject to normal security checking.

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