11.12 People and Machine Performance - Some Things to Consider

The following topics lists, in no particular sequence, a variety of points that involve the performance of people and machines when they are using 4GL tools on the IBM i.

Most of these points have been supplied by existing LANSA users from their own experiences, or noted by the developers of LANSA when observing the types of problems reported when developing applications using 3GL or 4GL techniques.

If a particular point is of interest, further reading of LANSA or IBM manuals will be required.

This list is neither complete, nor definitive.

11.12.1 Co-ordinate System Settings

11.12.2 Some Database Design Considerations

11.12.3 Some Functional Design Considerations

11.12.4 Some Programming Considerations

11.12.5 IBM i Authority Checking

11.12.6 End User And Developer Machines

11.12.7 Team Sizes

11.12.8 Education

11.12.9 Attitude and Commitment

11.12.10 Work Practices

11.12.11 Unlearning

11.12.12 Loss of 3GL Skills

11.12.13 Signs of Trouble

11.12.14 Large Numbers - Approach with Caution

11.12.15 Estimating Application Performance by Running an Application

11.12.16 Estimating Application Performance by Calculating an ERUF